The Closing Process

The home buying process is one of the biggest investments a person makes in a lifetime.  There are many critical steps and people involved in order to have a successful closing.  The process can sometimes seem overwhelming and stressful, and having a closing company that you can trust is extremely important.

The process begins by creating a purchase agreement between the buyer and the seller.  Most commonly, a realtor or an attorney is involved in drafting this document.  It is also typical to have a lender involved with the financing. The closer works with all parties to ensure timelines are met.

The closer coordinates the closing, reviews the title work to make sure that the title is clear from defects, works with the lender to create a closing statement, and reconciles and disburses the funds per the purchase agreement.

After the documents are signed and the keys are transferred, the closing process does not end.  The closer is also responsible for getting the transfer documents of record with the county and issuing the final title insurance policy for both the lender and owner.

With several decades of combined experience, Hubbard County Abstract strives to make the closing process a seamless experience.